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QCovid® is an algorithm which models the first 90 days of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in the UK. 

It calculates an individual’s risk of catching Covid and dying, taking into account various risk factors, comparing that risk to that of a similar person with no risk factors, and also showing how their risk ranks against the general population. It also, separately, calculates the risk and ranking of catching Covid and being admitted into hospital.  

Although the model directly relates to the first 90 days of the UK outbreak, the relative risks and rankings in particular apply to second or subsequent outbreaks of Covid-19. 

QCovid ®will be updated to model the second and subsequent waves as the data becomes available.

The contribution to healthcare of QCovid® has been recognised by the Royal Statistical Society. The Covid-19 Population Risk Assessment, powered by QCovid® was awarded the Florence Nightingale Award for Excellence in Healthcare Data Analytics by the RSS in July 2021.

The QCovid® Risk Calculator can be found here for academic research or for the purpose of peer review:

If you are a clinician wishing to use QCovid® to risk assess a patient, please use the COVID-19 Clinical Risk Assessment Tool.

To request a licence for any other use please contact us via email with details of your requirements.

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