Acute kidney injury (AKI) is one of the more serious adverse events associated with anti hypertensive treatment, reducing an individual’s health-related quality of life and increasing the risk of hospitalisation. Clinical guidelines recommend that when prescribing anti hypertensives, physicians should take into account the likelihood of both the benefits and the harms from treatment.

This software, called the STRATIFY-AKI Risk Calculator, allows physicians to better understand an individual’s likelihood of experiencing harm from acute kidney injury as a result of anti hypertensive therapy. The calculator estimates an individual’s risk of hospitalisation or death from acute kidney injury in the next 1, 5 and 10 years. It is designed to be used in a primary care setting using information routinely available in a patient’s electronic health record.

 The calculator has been developed and validated in a nationally representative population with the following characteristics:

             Aged 40 years or older

             A systolic blood pressure reading between 130-179 mm Hg (indicating anti hypertensive prescription maybe appropriate)


Details of the calculator development and external validation have been published in a peer-reviewed article and can be found here:

The STRATIFY-AKI Risk Calculator software can be downloaded here and allows academics to implement the underlying algorithm in R Studio version 3.6.3 (or above) or STATA version 16.1 (or above). This software is available for download for academic or scholarly use through the Software Store.

This software is not currently available for commercial use but please do register your interest by writing to referencing project number 16875

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