Database software for natural history collections, botanic gardens, seed banks, images & literature.

An intuitive, scalable and powerful management system for any natural history collection.

Do more with your data

BRAHMS is a supported all-in-one solution that includes the following integrated data modules, each of which can be selectively enabled:

  • Taxonomy
  • Geography
  • Names and Addresses
  • Museum collections (botanical and zoological)
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Seed Banks
  • Transactions (e.g. loans, exchanges, gifts)
  • Field Surveys
  • Literature
  • Images

Additionally, the system is delivered with comprehensive tools for rapid data entry, querying, mapping, reporting, exporting and publishing online.

More detail on BRAHMS v8 features can be found here:

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Price list for BRAHMS

Our licences are based on annual fees, and are calculated by the number of users or sites/locations. 

A single-site institution is, for example, a botanic garden that is located in one place. The starting licence price is £1,500 for 1 to 3 users. If you wish to have more users, you can add them for £250 per user per annum. Alternatively, you can take an unlimited user licence for £5,000. 

A multi-site institution is an institution that has a number of botanic gardens at different locations. 
For example, for an institution with two botanic gardens at different locations, there are two main options:
a) Choose the multi-site institution licence with unlimited users;
b) Choose the single-site institution licence (up to 3 or unlimited users) and add the second location for £1000 per annum. 

If you require a licence for multiple institutions, please take a separate licence per institution. 

  User/Organisation Type 

  Maximum number of concurrent users  

  Annual Fees  

 Funded research project



 Single-site Institution



Add an additional user

£250 per user

 Single-site Institution



Add an additional site

£1,000 per site

 Multi-site Institution



We offer a discount of 10% for licenses paid 3 years up-front. 

Please contact us at if you don't see the licence type that suits your needs.

We do not provide quotes for BRAHMS through this website. If you would like a formal quote please contact us on

Price list for BRAHMS Online

BRAHMS Online is an additional module with which you can design websites and publish your data and images online.

Hosted: £500 annual fee per website/portal

Own Server: £1000 annual fee (unlimited websites/portals)

BRAHMS v8 further information. 

You can find more information about the functionality of BRAHMS v8 here:

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To request a free 60 day trial of BRAHMS v8, please click here.

We do not provide quotes for BRAHMS through this website. If you would like a formal quote please contact us on

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