Educational Materials

Welcome to IGNITE at Oxford University Innovation, a programme for schools, developed at Oxford University Careers Service.

To obtain permissions to use any part of the programme, you will need to complete a copyright licence application with us.

The information you provide us will be used by Oxford University Innovation as part of the terms of legally binding agreement. Please make sure that all of the details are accurate. You will not be asked to formally commit to the licence until the final page of this licensing process.

The person who commits to taking the licence of copyright to IGNITE must be an authorised signatory of the licensee.

Any information provided as part of this process will be treated in accordance with the Oxford University Innovation Website Privacy Policy.

How does the licence work?
  1. Complete and submit the licence request form.
  2. You will be sent an email confirming receipt of your request and acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.
  3. Oxford University Innovation will review your request and aims to contact you within one working day.
  4. You will be sent an email either granting you a licence for use, or one asking you for further information.
  5. Once a licence is granted, Oxford University Innovation will send you further instructions regarding how to pay. This will depend on the payment method that you have chosen (invoice or credit card) and if any fees apply.
  6. You will be sent login details for IGNITE once the licence has been processed.

Do I have to pay fees?

Access to the IGNITE programme is provided free of charge to all state-funded schools in the United Kingdom. For all other institutions there is a charge. The charge levied will takes into account the number of pupils the institution has.