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Welcome to Clinical Outcomes at Oxford University Innovation online Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measures licence provision system.

To obtain permissions to use any of the PRO measures, you will need to complete a copyright licence application with us.

The information you provide us will be used by Clinical Outcomes as part of the terms of legally binding agreement. Please make sure that all of the details are accurate. You will not be asked to formally commit to the licence until the final page of this licensing process.

The person who commits to taking the licence of copyright in the required PRO measure must be an authorised signatory of the licensee.

Any information provided as part of this process will be treated in accordance with the Oxford University Innovation Website Privacy Policy.

How does the licence work?

Complete and submit the licence request form.

You will be sent an email confirming receipt of your request and acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

Clinical Outcomes at Oxford University Innovation will review your request and aims to contact you within 24 hours.

You will be sent an email either granting you a licence for use, or one asking you for further information.

Once a licence is granted, Clinical Outcomes at Oxford University Innovation will send you further instructions regarding how to pay. This will depend on the payment method that you have chosen and on whether any fees apply.

You will be sent a link to download the PRO measure and supporting documents that you have requested.

Do I have to pay fees?

The payment (or not) of a licence fee depends on the proposed use. The fee (if any) will depend on factors such as:

  • whether the use is a commercial or an academic study;
  • how many times the outcome measure will be used in the study / for the proposed purpose;
  • language requirements, namely access to our outcome measures translation library;
  • the purchase of comprehensive user manuals.

The payment of fees also depends on the specific measure being licensed / purchased but a general rule is that for strictly non-commercial academic use or for publicly funded healthcare use, licences are provided free of charge. Further examples of the fee structure can be found in the following table. These examples are for guidance only and may not be fully representative of all our outcome measures. In order to discover if a fee applies to your planned use, please proceed to complete the licensing request process. During the licence request process it will become clear if fees are to be applied and how much. Information on fees is provided in advance of any licensing commitment.

Type of User Description / examples Fees apply for use of the measure? Fees for support materials*
Commercial Users Industry, CRO’s, any for-profit companies, private healthcare organisations (excluding individual, small-scale practices) and medical device manufacturers Yes Yes
Academic - Funded by commercial entity A University research project funded by industry Yes Yes
-Funded by non-commercial entity Government, EU or registered charity No Yes
  - Not funded Projects that are not explicitly funded, but funding comes from departmental or from the central University or individual funds No Yes
Individual Medical practices Includes private individual medical practices No Yes
Publicly funded healthcare NHS and other healthcare providers funded from taxpayers No Yes

* Support materials includes the provision of the comprehensive user manuals (where available) and / or available translations from our outcomes measures translation library.

Fees for the commissioning of new translations and for testing equivalence of electronic versions of our measures are not covered here. These activities should be discussed separately with the Clinical Outcomes team.

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